Residence Permit

In addition, we specialize in the fast, clear and minimally tedious process of obtaining a residence permit in Greece. The precious residence permit card will be in your hands, in the shortest possible time.

Blue card

The Blue Card is issued to citizens of third countries who apply to be allowed to enter and stay in the Greek Territory for the purpose of highly specialized employment.

The citizen of a third country who applies for the issuance of an “EU Blue Card” in Greece, must, after entering the country and before the expiration of the national entry visa for the purpose of highly qualified employment, apply for its issuance. Applications for the issuance and renewal of the “EU Blue Card” are submitted and examined by the competent Directorate of the Ministry of Interior

The “EU Blue Card” is valid for two years. If the employment contract covers a period shorter than the above, the “EU Blue Card” is issued for the duration of the employment contract increased by three months, which is renewed for three years.

During the first two years of legal employment of the person concerned in Greece, as a holder of the “EU Blue Card”, his access to the labor market is limited to the exercise of highly skilled paid work. After the first two years, the person concerned is obliged to report to the competent department, in accordance with the applicable national legislation, any change regarding the change of employer

Unemployment in itself is not a reason to revoke an “EU Blue Card” unless the period of unemployment exceeds three months.

Family members of a third-country EU Blue Card holder may accompany or come to see the caregiver if he or she proves that he or she has a stable and regular personal income sufficient for the needs of himself or herself and his or her family.

Long-term resident status in the EU is provided for blue card holders if the following conditions are met:

(a) five years of legal and uninterrupted residence in the territory of the European Union as a holder of an “EU Blue Card”; and

 b) two years of legal and uninterrupted residence, immediately before the submission of the relevant application, as a holder of an “EU Blue Card”, in the Greek Territory, where the application for a long-term residence permit in the EC is submitted

Special purpose residence permit

Third-country nationals who are to be employed or reside in Greece, under special legislation, intergovernmental agreements or to serve the public interest, culture, sports and national economy, are allowed to enter the country after obtaining a national visa.

These citizens who are going to be active or employed, in the qualities described below are given a special purpose residence permit, two years or equal to the planned period of stay in the country which is renewed every three years, provided that the interested parties continue to provide their services.

The following third country nationals may be accompanied by their family members

More specifically, these are:

I. Board members, shareholders, managers, legal representatives and senior executives of domestic companies as well as subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies operating in Greece.

The domestic employment company must have at least twenty-five (25) employees.

It is necessary to present a degree and two years of professional experience unless the company employs more than 50 locals

II. Employees under special status

• Employees in companies based on special transnational agreements or suggestions of competent Greek authorities

• Managers, business and technical executives of companies of law 27/1975 (A 77) engaged in marine exploration, drilling and extraction of hydrocarbons.

• Employees and legal representatives employed exclusively in companies that have been subject to the provisions of the legislation (Law 3427/2005), as well as in domestic companies that have undertaken in the context of project execution for promotion and technical support to foreign companies.

• Technicians employed in conditional industries or mines

III. Athletes, Spiritual and Religious ministers

• Athletes and coaches of recognized sports

• Intellectual Creators, Writers, Writers, Directors, Painters, Sculptors, Actors, Musicians, Singers, Choreographers and Set Designers

• Religious ministers performing hierarchical duties

• Foreign correspondents

• Members of a foreign archeological school under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

• Teachers of foreign schools operating with the permission of the Ministry of Education and Religions.

Employees / Seasonal Workers / Fishermen

Upon invitation from the employer, which is forwarded to the Greek Consulate of the place of residence of the interested party, the national entry visa for dependent work is issued.

Every two years, by circular of the Ministers of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Development and Competitiveness of Shipping and the Aegean, Labor, Social Security and Welfare, a circular with the number of admission volumes is issued.

A third-country national who has received an entry visa for the provision of dependent work is granted a residence permit for dependent work by the one-stop service if he / she submits an employment contract stating that his / her remuneration is at least equal to the monthly salary of the unskilled worker.

Investment activity

Investors-citizens of third countries, who are interested in investing positively for the Greek economy, can obtain a national entry visa and a residence permit for investment activity.

The duration of the residence permit is five years with the possibility of renewal.

The amount of the investment should be at least 250,000

If the investment is made by a foreign legal entity, depending on the amount of the investment, up to 3 citizens – shareholders or executives of the foreign legal entity can enter Greece.

The maximum number of people who can enter-reside in Greece for the purposes of the investment is 10 people depending on the amount of the investment. These people are granted a residence permit in the context of the investment as follows:

Senior Executives, financial and legal advisors to start the investment

Experts and middle executives to provide services for the implementation of the investment

Specialized technical staff for the operation of the investment

The above citizens can be accompanied by their family members who are granted a residence permit, which expires at the same time as the maintenance permit of the dependent.

In addition to the positive investment for the economy, it is determined by law and the investment in securities or bank deposit in the following categories.

a. capital contribution, amounting to four hundred thousand (400,000) euros, at least, to a company based or established in Greece

b. capital contribution, amounting to at least four hundred thousand (400,000) euros, to a Real Estate Investment Company (AEEAP)

c. purchase of Greek government bonds, with an acquisition value of at least four hundred thousand (400,000) euros

d. term deposit amounting to at least four hundred thousand (400,000) euros, to a domestic credit institution, of at least annual duration, with a permanent renewal order.

e. purchase of shares, corporate bonds or / or bonds of the Greek State, which are listed for trading or traded in regulated markets or multilateral trading mechanisms, operating in Greece, with an acquisition value of at least eight hundred thousand (800,000) euros.

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